A Personal Note

So I’m headed off for Sicily for Valentines day –Necessary outfits have been tried and tested, natural nail varnish has replaced my statement black, my accessories have been switched for jewellery and my sun glasses are placed conveniently in my hand bag…rain or shine sun glasses shall be worn! However I checked with the Sicilian and it is although freezing cold, beautifully sunny – therefore it is a sunglass wearing opportunity for a Londoner! Don’t you just love winter sun? A killer coat, amazing boots, leather gloves with a steaming take away coffee in your hand and huge black sunglasses shoved up your nose –you could be in Sicily or London – It’s classic (which as you know is my thing now)!

Sitting in Cafe Rouge this evening with a large glass of red wine and a Fondant au Chocolat (figure watching has been put on hold) talking some nonsense or intellectual chat with my partner in crime, she stops me and says, ‘There’s two really glamorous girls in here.’
I am slightly puzzled by this comment – at first I think she’s talking about us.
But she tells me to turn my head and I do. I am faced with two very glamorous girls – fake hair curled down their backs, eyelashes that look like Spanish fans and a skin tone that looks like it can only be mixed by Duluxe. ‘I used to want to look like that,’ I say, watching them struggle out of Cafe Rouge with jeans too tight and heels that look like they should be in the circus or on a stage with a pole (yes I am guilty of the excessively high shoe – but that’s completely different). These girls look like they belong in a Hip Hop video – overly sexed up and completely impractically dressed for life, unless of course they are in the video girl, circus or adult entertainment trade. Point being, at seeing these girls I have become perplexed – in the moment of changing or trying to work out my own new image – wanting to be glamorous and made up, whilst remaining classy and elegant these girls have scared the glamour out of me. It makes me want to get rid of my fake hair and throw away my eyeliner. But yet I’m so afraid of being generic, dull – the average dresser!
I want to know – what is glamorous, what is effortless beauty and what is carefree or careless dressing? This could be my next story.

I haven’t uploaded a story in a while – but I have many fashion notes jotted down and I’m feeling particularly inspired. I am almost certain that Sicily will revive my fashion eye and get my writing juices flowing. I am hoping to come back with a beautiful sexy short story that incorporates Sicily, Fashion, Valentines Romance and Glamour!! Anyway – I shall be gone for four days, let’s see if a story unfolds within my overloaded head – I suppose it all depends on how eventful my valentine’s is.

I hope you all have a great one … Happy Valentines Day …Arrivederci!!!


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