The Last Louboutin

After posting my last blog one of my very best friends and fashion beneficiary said to me, ‘Babes, how come you write so much about Mr Louboutin’s shoes but don’t actually own a pair?’ Of course I am well aware of this fact, I have for some strange reason quietly decided not to invest in these shoes just yet. Reason being is that I am drawn to the black classic pump and very rarely do I wear this type of shoe in the summer – hence opting for bright red patent Miu Miu wedges for my birthday. Plus, I can’t help thinking that the Louboutin pump is too ‘of the minute’ right now!
Everybody desires them, everybody’s wearing them, women that haven’t got the foggiest idea about fashion know about, ‘Those shoes with the red sole.’ Now high street shops are even putting red soles on the bottom of their shoes – No No No!!! I believe in saturating the pavements in red I really do – but firstly they must be Louboutin red and secondly for summer – shoes are supposed to be fabulous – a court shoe red sole or no red sole will just not do it for me. And a fabulous pair of Louboutins; strappy or studded, sequined or sparkly are just way way out of my price range.
Having said that, if this summer you happen to be lucky enough to not be strutting down a pavement, but floating down an aisle then I will say Louboutin is your man. I dedicate these Louboutin’s to my favourite couple x x
Hopefully the Louboutin Pump buzz will die down by winter and my Louboutin’s will arrive gift wrapped from a loving sponsor! My beneficiary advised that my next pair of shoes should definitely be Louboutin – who knows, maybe she’ll be my sponsor, wink wink – nudge nudge!


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