London Clothes Show Live – Rundown

Sunday 31st May at eight o clock in the morning i was trying on outfits and readying myself for the London Clothes Show Live – considering i went to bed only four hours prior to waking up it was the easiest waking up i had ever done on a sunday morning. I was excited, excited to get dressed, to be out with the girls and indulge in a complete ‘girly’ activity.

The second i entered the Excel exhibition area i felt overwhelmed, it was literally a girls idea of heaven, there was shopping, demonstrations, style tips, sunglasses, make up, nail varnish, clothes, bags, jewellery, accessories and to round off the whole evening – a fashion show hosted by Caryn Franklin the everlasting face we associate with The Clothes Show, who still looks absolutely amazing!

Like all fashion events the day commanded any fashionista to make an impact with their attire, this was a place where women dressed to impress and you could see as two women neared each other – like lions in the jungle they all sized themselves up against the next.

The exhibition featured up and coming designers, some Topshop boutique members, quality beauty and cosmetic brands like B, Benefit and OPI and a huge area dedicated to all things vintage. It was a good place to shop, considering there was everything under one roof, lots of promotional deals and many one offs, however if you are a serious shopper and fashionista and begin to consider quality, design and have a general knowledge of what’s in the shops and where to buy you could have been slightly against over purchasing clothing at this particular exhibition; for example a vest with an oversized bow fixed in the centre of it was priced originally at £25, my friend told me she had bought this exact vest the day before for £8 at Portobello Market. However by the end of the day prices were slashed, some by almost 75%. B began to sell all testers for £1, my shopping and fashion beneficiary managed to come away with a whole load of B products.

The exhibition launched new boy band Vice, who pranced around the designer beach and made their small claim to fame taking pictures with the younger occupants of the exhibition. The boys body popped, flipped, sang and paid homage to Johnny Bravo with their pick ‘n’ mix style of dress. They were nonetheless entertaining and i took pleasure watching them, i maybe should have made the effort to disguise the look of amusement on my face while they performed inches away from me.

The fashion show was highly entertaining, a combination of dancers and models, great music and some really creatively styled outfits. The All Saints range and rocky looks really made a statement, this section featured jackets with shoulder pads, ripped and dyed denim and a general rock/trendy look.

My only fault with the fashion show was the shoes, they were absolutely horrendous, for some reason shoes for some people are a secondery thought, however you would never expect this attitude in a fashion show. I love shoes and hate to see people get it wrong , the wrong shoe can kill an outfit, in this show, at most part they did indeed get the shoes wrong. Models were wearing the same shoes they wore with the rocky All Saints styles in the Beach section and then again in another section. This really did let the whole show down for me – it almost made the show feel amateur. My firend and I sat and laughed at a blonde model who strutted down the catwalk in shoes that looked like she had stolen them from her grandmothers orthopedic shoe selection – and this most definitely was not a stylish grandmother!
Moving on to less negative comments, i made very few purchases at the exhibition; Benefit High Beam which had a promotional discount and cost me £13, the famous new leggings, The Jeggings which were a fiver (£20 in Topshop) and lots and lots of accessories at £2 a piece! My best purchase was of course the accessories!
Our girly day ended with some chit chat and rose in Canary Wharf – it was a complete perfect day for any girly girl – Friends – check, Shopping – check, Lots of talking and laughing – check and most importantly, lots of wine – check. x x x


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