A Fabulous Report

You could be my next feature…

So it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, yes I’m still knocking about and typing it out. I have been focussed on the more creative side of my writing, writing a play for the Alfred Fagon Award, the deceased Jamaican playwright – I have managed to produce a twenty five thousand word play and met the deadline two days early! Don’t you think i deserve a pair of celebratory shoes?
I am now back and bad and as fabulous as ever with a whole diary filled with material – watch this space, you could be my next feature!

Marc Jacobs art deco, stripper homage, pale pink courts…
Winter is slowly but surely approaching, of course we don’t want to wish the little bit of summer that we manage here in England away, but in the world of fashion winter is soooo last season. (It is now the time for me to pluck up the courage and money and buy the Louboutin I have been avoiding for so long. [I reckon the Louboutin hype has calmed slightly]). I will be using my fashion eye to scout my favourites of the winter collections and do some trend and style reporting. Look out for Marc Jacobs this winter – I’m guessing he’s already one of my top five and I’ve only skimmed the catwalk shows for the season. I’m sure Miss Kimmie Parker will be saluting Marc Jacobs after purchasing some art deco, stripper homage pale pink courts designed by the man himself. With intricate Sloane Watching technique these shoes have been purchased at a fabulous price – congratulations Miss Parker!

Ex Gucci sales assistant and fine jewellery collector…
I have three very big events approaching in the next few months, my first hen party for the marriage of a fabulous friend, Naomi Parker. The first marriage to take place amongst my group of friends!
I have spent many nights in the Surrey town house of the fabulous soon to be wed couple, sharing their significantly large bed, waking up to champagne hang over’s and pillow talk accompanied with bed side hors d’oeuvres in the shape of Jelly Babies! The ex Gucci sales assistant and fine jewellery collector is to be married this summer to her buff bodied soon to be husband, Mr Campbell. Yes, indeed Miss Naomi Parker will have some big shoes to fill as she carries the name of legendary super model and anger managed diva, Naomi Campbell herself!
And as well all know I love Naomi Campbell and would snatch her career, anger problems, lifestyle, millionaire Russian lover, community service an’ all off her any day, but she lacks the class and personal style that seems to come ever so naturally to Naomi Campbell Jr, whose style is as quaint and as elegant as her diamonds. Naomi is the kind if fashionista that has several designer occasional watches, owns Oscar de la Renta scarves and has a Valentino look book displayed in her guest room. You can imagine, this is going to be the wedding to be styled! A fashion event in the celebration of love and unity, could my friends be anymore fabulous?!

None of these bridemaids want to be the wall flower wilting down this aisle…

Then of course the week leading up to the wedding itself for the bridesmaids will consist of intense calorie counting, preening and plucking, scouting the best hair extensions, booking hair appointments (mine has been booked since June!) and selecting the best leg lengthening, height emphasising, body slimming heels. If theses bridesmaids have ever shied away from competition, this will not be one of those moments – all bridesmaids attired in the same dress and individuality no longer a fashion tool, this will be the time to DRESS to KILL. None of these bridesmaids want to be the wall flower wilting down this aisle!

My favourite fabulous females join me on the Cucaracha beach resort Sicilia Catania

The wedding is then followed by myself and the Sicilian slipping off to Sicily for five days of down time, chilling, lunching, seeing family AND then as if being in Sicily in the heat, with the amazing bars and clubs, shops and cuisine wasn’t enough, my favourite fabulous females join me on the Cucaracha beach resort in Catania for a week of complete indulgence in all things fabulous and womanly.
I have already been requested as London Catania stylist and suitcase packing consultant to frequent traveller, Angel Rae (which I took as a compliment, seeing as she should be pro packer) and recreational singer song writer and official Partner In Crime Gi Gi Live. How I love my friends!
Fabulous is the prerequisite for all events and all the coverage will be just so!
To think I was worried I might not be able to get back into the swing of things, having not blogged for so long – but this fabulous stuff is just so refreshing!


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