Recessionista Chic

It was the usual Friday evening at the South West London home of the green fingered photographer and ex London College of fashionstudent, Canterbury Parker. Protocol of gatherings at the Parker home are drinks, tortilla chips and humus dips, gossip, fashion pondering, wine sipping and drunken calorie burning dancing.Myself and vintage shopper and charity shop aficionado Kimmie Parker and her mother, Canterbury were sat in the garden, Kimmie and myself flicking through high fashion magazines and building mental wish lists, when I came to the conclusion that, ‘I need a new image.’
Looking down at my jeans and a vest top outfit I couldn’t help feeling slightly upset and annoyed by the fact that it had taken me almost two hours to select this ensemble – (surely an outfit worth two hours of trying on and taking off should be more…creative?)
‘A new image? That costs money,’ Kimmie Parker says, sucking on her Vogue cigarette.
‘It doesn’t have to. You can just style what you already have differently,’ Canterbury Parker advises, pulling weeds from one of the flower beds of her much loved garden.
Transform Primark garments into fashion history homageI was an expert of styling while being a student, I spent most of my time shopping in my mothers wardrobe, which is like fashion heaven, filled to the brim with vintage, classic and quality goods. When my much needed student loan arrived I would stock up on Primark garments and key accessories such as bags, jewellery and shoes. By the end of the semester I could transform Primark garments in to fashion history homage, cleverly styled, interestingly worn outfits.Since being employed I must admit I have become somewhat lazy, I am very proficient in taking myself to Zara or Topshop and buying myself a Catwalk look a likey whenever an event pops up. I can’t help thinking this is all too easy and a lot less fun!
Never fear, the impromptu shopping for occasion attitude will be over in the next few months. The coming months will not only see me considerably poorer due to heading back to university – but headed to FASHION university (the Gold winners of Graduate Fashion Week) some serious creativity and art will need to be applied to my dressing technique.
Now is the time for me to pull my finger out and get all Recessionista chique!

Outfits look great with a bit of vintage punctuation
Gok Wan says the key to dressing in high street and cheaper garments is to accessorise – often these garments miss out on detail.’ Kimmie says.
Sipping my wine, I concur. I am a true accessories practitioner – I don’t believe an outfit is complete until you have considered your belt, it’s buckle, your earrings, your necklace or chain, rings, bracelets, your handbag and shoes. If you’re a truly serious dresser you’ll even have a selection of watches!
The Sicilian always says, ‘A man can be wearing anything, but he will always be judged by his watch and his shoes.’
Accessories can speak volumes about your outfit, your style and your ability to dress – I believe all outfits look great with a bit of vintage punctuation, whether it’s a vintage belt, bag or shoe; vintage always puts you in a league with the connoisseurs. Accessories can easily get over looked or become a second thought, to some, maybe they are. In my case it would take me far longer to decide NOT to wear accessories than it would for me to pile them on.
My ears were pierced before I even knew what earrings were and since then I’ve never looked back. As a dancer in my late teens I would go as far as to pack a special pair of earrings to wear whilst rehearsing in the studio, once rehearsals were finished I would replace my dancing earrings with my statement earrings!
Many of my friends would die at the thought of leaving their homes without their earrings, particularly frequent flyer and bling – a – ling supporter, Angel Rae; in the six years that I have known her I am yet to see her without earrings big enough to pick up a satellite signal. It’s her thing and it works!
If and when you have to buy garments, buy them in black!
Accessories are a necessity, particularly for the Recesisionista Fashionista who doesn’t have thousands of pounds to rework their image, but still insists on being individual and stylish. I am not saying that everyone should go out and spend thousands of pounds on accessories, that would defeat the whole object. But if sacrifice and compromise happen to reside in your fashion styling technique, then instead of buying a load of clothes from Primark that are anonymous and more than likely not necessary or spending sixty pounds on a dress from Zara, that can only be worn once around the same group of friends, focus more on a pair of statement shoes, a killer coat, a broche or clutch bag. My key tip for Recessionista Chique is; invest in items that can transform outfits and can be worn continuously throughout the season. And if and when you have to buy garments, buy them in black!

Cont’d in Accessory Necessities…

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  1. Im loving the blog babes, who said just because were going through a credit crunch we all have to be dressed head to foot in last years or even worse second hand rubbish. Dressing up and shopping makes people(or atleast me)happy and in the times were living in thats so important lol kimmie Parker

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