The Fashion Paradox: Fashion, A Love Hate Thing

The relationship between women and fashion is no doubt a precarious one, if fashion was to resemble that of a man it wouldn’t take long for any sensible woman to give this unreliable, demanding, unforgiving and temperamental man the stiletto heeled boot. But as shaky as the relationship remains between fashion and the woman, we continue to love it, to nurture it and eventually we become inseparable. A woman’s love affair with fashion is indelible, the second we find and love it, we become conscious of an enigmatic language that exists in the world we inhabit, a language that speaks so beautifully, that travels across continents, that defines moments, eras, people and cultures – a language so addictive that we will invest the pennies, often our last penny to master the art of the unspoken speech until we become fluent. Unfortunately it is only those that we love that have the ability to truly hurt and disappoint us, sadly the longer I love fashion and the closer I get to it, the more it reveals how fine the line between love and hate truly is.

My relationship with fashion is without a doubt becoming a love, hate thing.Follow my wavering love, hate relationship with fashion in a collection of articles demonstrating what I have titled ‘The Fashion Paradox’.


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