A Dandizette Trail – Chelsea Bun

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There are a number of places one must visit in order to consider herself a true Dandizette, or at least to be on the go and in the know of all things fashionable, stylish and cultural. On a Sunday morning I rallied up a driver (my partner) and some tourists (my trusted girls) and we hit the London roads and began our fashionably, stylish culture trail. It commenced on a horribly rainy and grey Sunday morning with a fashionable breakfast – well who knows if breakfast can be fashionable, but it sure as hell tastes good and sets one in good stead for the rest of the day. First stop, the Chelsea Bun – Kings Road.

A minute little cafe tucked away on a Kings Road back street, the Chelsea Bun is my guilty pleasure of the week. Unlike the sticky and pretentious eateries that line the Kings Road, Chelsea Bun is as sweet and as comforting as its name. Walking up to the cafe my stomach often goes into panic mode as I begin to calculate the calories I am about to intake, promising myself that the rest of the day will consist only of fruit and yoghurt. Once I’m inside and shielded from deterring thoughts of the approaching spring trends of floral dresses and clashing print ensembles, I am in heaven. The Chelsea Bun is an Anglo American diner that I frequent on Sunday mornings, I always opt for the full English but the American breakfasts never fail to tempt me, luring me to relive my visits to NYC and Miami, with dishes with enticing names like, the New York Brunch or the Late Miami Breakfast. The two hundred and fifty plus strong menu offers Chorizo & Goats Cheese Scramble, Smoked Haddock Benedict, pancakes and waffles, maple syrup and clotted cream. This all comes with a relaxed and friendly environment, fresh coffee, amazing quality food and portions and prices that satisfy real people. Having said that, the Bun has been haunted by the likes of Simon Cowell, Mini Driver, Kylie Minogue and Lady Sarah Ferguson. This place will definitely knock your socks off, or at least the top button off your jeans.

My order: scrambled eggs, two hash browns, two sausages, baked beans, one burger and a side order of pancakes and toast. One black coffee and one very satisfied stomach.


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One response to “A Dandizette Trail – Chelsea Bun

  1. Sophie Marriott

    LOL, that was such an amazing day out. I love Chelsea Bun as much as you do and reading your article my mouth is now watering for more. Need to do that again soon babes x

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