Be Charmed, Stay Inspired

Rene Gruau Fashion illustration for Vogue Paris cover

Rene Gruau Cover Design for Vogue June/July 1985

When I am unispired I am as good as dead – I lose my whole sense of being. I am most excited about life, about its prospects and potential when my mind is open and switched on. I’m receptive, sponge like and turned on by everything.  However, I am  not always in this state of mind, so tuned in and turned on. There is that recurring dark cloud that forms from time to time that obstructs me from locating the point of it all. Inspiration? Art? Creativity? This blog? In this position I am cynical, destructive and above all, unhappy.

At the moment my mind is skipping ahead of me, collecting inspirations and ideas too fast for me to keep up or execute in anyway. I am losing sleep and my fingers are tingling with a desire to do something amazing. A quote from Paolo Sorrentino‘s Consequences of Love springs to mind; ‘I want to die and extraordinary death’. So, for the days that are uninspiring, when the black cloud casts itself and passion momentarily relocates itself, the posts from Charms of a Dandizette, whether it’s a quote, a film, a book or a person, should help to locate an escape route, that should lead to being inspired once again.

Be Charmed, Stay Inspired x



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2 responses to “Be Charmed, Stay Inspired

  1. C. O. Esther

    beautifull creation, keep on.

  2. Thank you for your comment…it’s always nice to get positive feedback…

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