Oh to be in Fashion…An Ode to the Sheer Black Black Dress

…and just sheer black…

Admittedly, those of us that not only follow fashion, but enjoy documenting it by fashioning our bodies with adornment that demonstrates our understanding and ability to keep up with the trends, take a self indulgent pleasure when something, someone or some item confirms our fashion savvy-ness. Admit it! We love it! Moments have occurred pretty frequently for me of recently.

Naturally I am going to down play my self praise and my excitement for such moments, because that’s the tasteful thing to do. But I was particularly excited when I saw that the peplum was making a huge comeback this season…before I had even been aware of such a trend I had purchased myself a wonderful black peplum pencil skirt from Zara, in fact I wore it to my Christmas party.

I take pleasure in watching Zoey Deschanel singing and prancing around like a crazy person in the opening sequence of New Girl in a red skater dress that looks as though it is also from Zara and if so, is also another dress that I happen to own. Granted, I was inspired to purchase this dress when I saw Frankie from the Saturday’s sporting it. Unfortunately I can now no longer wear the dress. It seems the whole world and his wife also clocked on to how fabulous and easy to wear that dress was and also went and purchased it (indeed, the irony of fashion).

I was also particularly excited when I saw both Holly, Fearne and Christina Ricci dressed in black sheer dresses with red lips on the Jonathon Ross show recently. God bless the black sheer dress and red lipstick! Black on black on black to me is a playground of sexual obscurity! Now you see me now you don’t! Can you really see what you think you can see? Black velvet embellishments on black lace combined with solid black, a black sheer shirt with a black bra tucked into a black waxed lace skirt. A sheer black body suit with sheer long sleeves and a black net insert to the navel worn with a black long sheer skirt over a solid black mini….I needn’t go on.

So here’s to my favourite trend of a/w, that has set me back a significant number GBPs, but has allowed me to be so in fashion this winter…The Sheer Black Dress…so dolce vita, so Dolce and Gabbanna of Stella McCartney and just so Dolce and Gabbanna. Never underestimate the black dress, just overlay it with sensuous and sultry fabrics – if you have to!



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3 responses to “Oh to be in Fashion…An Ode to the Sheer Black Black Dress

  1. As the great Jesse Katsopolis, Have mercy!!!!

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