The Gold Studded Leather Jacket

Inspired by: The gold studded leather jacket in Zara, Katie Nehra and studs and spikes!

Studded Leather Zara Jacket

Studded Leather Zara Jacket by ayeshadandizette 

For some time now I have been debating whether to purchase Zara’s black leather jacket…the one embellished with gold studs…I am expecting everyone coveting the studded leather jacket trend to know this exact high street version, inspired by LA based designer Katie Nehra’s Simone label. In recent months the Simone leather jackets has become many a celebrity’s go to jacket. You barely see Nicole Ritchie in the press without her extreme lapelled studded jacket…in fact she has two, one black one white.  If someone offered to buy me one of these $1080 leather Simone jackets I most certainly would not say no, however, that’s not happening and I happened to have fallen head over heels in love with Zara’s high street rendition. Of course, it has to be the gold studs that are really doing it for me, that and the affordable price tag!

This Zara jacket is like a slice of perfection handed over on a GOLD plate! Gold on black has got to be my ultimate go to combination – whether it’s on handbags, jewellery, belts – even my iPhone case. In fact, anything with gold and I am usually pretty much a sucker. It’s like the ketchup or mayo effect – everything just seems better with gold!

The gold studs appeal to me most specifically because, depending on how I choose to wear the jacket, it can sit perfectly between rocky and glamorous  or can be either or when I am feeling decisive and precise!  The metal studs lends itself towards the rocky style, whilst the shiny gold says glamour!

On my weekly visits to Zara I have tried this gorgeous jacket on twice, the leather is super soft and dreamy and nips in just at the waist nicely – it would read as though I have pretty much made my decision to make this purchase (or have been endorsed by Zara – I wish)!  However, my hesitation is due to the fact I already own four leather jackets, a deep purple one from Firetrap, a cream one from Topshop, a tanned pig skin jacket from Primark (yes – real leather from Primark!) and a black leather biker from Zara. So, arguably, I already own a black leather jacket – but the gold studs on this perspective jacket just makes wearing a leather jacket that bit more special, that bit more statement making.

I suppose I can always argue that my love for black and gold transcends fashion trends and even once the studded and spiked embellishments we are seeing everywhere on everything dies down, my love for black and gold will remain and I’ll still feel just as great in my gold on black leather jacket!

Nicole Richie wearing black studded Simone Jacket

Nicole Richie wearing black leather studded Simone Jacket

Nicole Richie wearing white leather studded Simone jacket

Nicole Richie wears white leather studded Simone Jacket

Studded leather jacket

Rock chic in silver studded leather jacket

Cindy Crawford Mexico Vogue Cover

Cindy Crawford Mexico Vogue Cover wearing Burberry Prorsum studded leather jacket

Studded leather jacket

Burberry Prorsum Jacket on the cover of L'Officiel

Burberry Prorsum studded leather jacket on the cover of L’Officiel

Mary Kate Olsen wearing Givenchy Jacket

Mary Kate Olsen wearing extreme studded Givenchy Jacket

I think it’s a done deal! Let’s get studded!

Be charmed, stay inspired! x


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