Miranda Kerr Hangs Up her Wings

Miranda Takes Flight From the Runway…

Miranda Kerr

So, indeed, today is the day that Miranda Kerr announces her departure from luxury lingerie house Victoria’s Secrets. Although we have enjoyed admiring Miranda work the Victoria’s Secrets runway with her sweetly pretty face and her stunning body, wings and all, there need be no reason to be sad that the angel is leaving this runway behind. She’s about to take flight in another aspect of life, that celebrates being a woman just as much as an Angel does, she’s making this departure to prioritise her responsibilities as a mother to her two year old son Flynn. Kerr has been modelling since she was thirteen years old, now twenty nine and about to celebrate her 30th birthday on the 20th April, she felt it was the perfect time to hang up her wings.

Miranda is such a fashion icon, with a style that mixes Parisian chic with just enough glamour to be perfect in its effortlessness, that she has become a Pinterest Princess – an icon that the masses can and want to relate to even when her wings aren’t on show. Some of us may never have the body of an angel, but we frequently take inspiration from her style and most would certainly like to be fabulous mothers some day, so to Miranda’s departure from Victoria’s Secrets I say, congratulations!

Be charmed, stay inspired! x


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