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The Victoria’s Secret Angels…

Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

For many a reason the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is a very special and unique kind of fashion show. The typical runway show is ultimately all about showcasing the design and craftmanship and style of a new collection, admittedly designers might put on a show with an elaborate set, think Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel with his motif of icebergs and crystals mise en scene,  or use the garments to tell a particular story, think Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton autumn winter 2012 runway show inspired by the golden age of rail travel.

But let’s be brutally honest – the Victoria’s Secret show, although a beautiful show, is not about beautiful garments, imaginative sets or enthralling tales. The Victoria’s Secret Show is about the enjoyment of being a woman and feeling beautiful and who embodies this? Well, we all know that at the heart of a Victoria’s Secret show is an angel – the Angels, the celebrated Victoria’s Secret Angels –  and as one might expect, they are celestial.

Unlike the models we are accustomed to seeing on fashion houses runways, that are almost blank canvasses, ready to embody and showcase whatever garment or ensemble they are draped and fitted into – there’s nothing blank about the likes of Miranda Kerr, Chanel ImanAlessandra Ambrosio, Candace Swanepol and Lily Aldridge. Or even Brit’s very own Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevigne, who made their debut walking for the lingerie brand in this show. I watched the show absolutely captivated by these extraordinary looking women and their perfectly trim bodies, but what I loved most about the show was simple – it was watching these women delighting in their womanhood!

 So here’s to feeling beautiful!

Victoria's Secret Angels

Victoria’s Secret Angels

Miranda Kerr at Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show 2012

Miranda Kerr at Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show 2012

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

Barbara Palvin at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012

Barbara Palvin at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2012

Cara Delevingne at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

Cara Delevingne at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

Izabel Goulart at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Izabel Goulart at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Lily Aldridge at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

Lily Aldridge at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012

Candace Swanepoel at Victoria's Secret Fashion show 2012

Candace Swanepoel at Victoria’s Secret Fashion show 2012

Be Charmed, Stay Inspired! x



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Gucci a/w 2012-13: The New Direction…

Source: via Ayesha on Pinterest

Whilst the Fashion gliteratti celebrates the collections of spring summer 2013 the civilians amongst us are still very much in 2012, feeling the weather growing colder by the day. So…the research for the amalgamation of my winter wardrobe has begun. Before I head to the high street or make any major purchases, I get a feel for the key trends and the overall tone for the season by  going straight to the source – the catwalk. So let’s start with Gucci – because I always do.

Gucci’s a/w 2012 collection is sensuous, decadent and opulent. It’s a collection to fall in love with, if it were music it would be the perfect soundtrack to an intense winter romance. Regardless of how different this collection might feel to the clean and sharp lines we are used to seeing at Gucci, Frida Giannini never disappoints…

Source: via Ayesha on Pinterest

Source: via Ayesha on Pinterest

Source: via Ayesha on Pinterest

Source: via Ayesha on Pinterest

Gucci a/w 2012 -13 Ad Campaign

Gucci a/w 2012 Runway Show with commentary


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Christian Dior – “Wonderful Couture”

Simply Wonderful…

I wanted to dedicate an entire post to this magnificent dress from the Christian Dior Haute Couture ss 2012  collection, because the moment I laid eyes on it I was blown away by the the  dreamy layers of cascading tulle in this exotic warm  coral colour.

Christian Dior spring summer 2012 Haute Couture Collection

Christian Dior ss 2012 Haute Couture Collection

Bill Gayten has done Dior proud – Simply Wonderful!

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Coveted Collars…

The Perfect Collaring…

Gold Louis Vuitton Collar with Gold Chanel Chains
The Perfect Black and Gold Ensemble. Gold Louis Vuitton Collar with Gold Chanel Chain

Designers, stylists and fashion enthusiasts have been paying a particular  attention to the embellishment of shirt collars for some time now. However, it would appear that the trend has evolved, in typical fashion manner, and the collar has now graduated from being a mere aspect of a garment, that when accessorised appeared fashion savvy, to being an actual accessory in its very own right.

Although the Peter Pan collar has been gracing the high streets with its presence for some time now, the rounded, almost cutesy collar climbed the ladder and reached critical claim amongst the fashion big wigs when Marc Jacobs designed his autumn/winter 2011-12 Louis Vuitton collection that featured a motif of the collar throughout the entire collection. Models walked the Louis Vuitton runway adorned in dresses, coats and blouses that appeared to have been designed with the Peter Pan collar as the leading stimulus.

The collar is absolutely huge this season, literally, and walks hand in hand with yet another trend of the season, the sweater. However you choose to wear your collar and which collar style you opt for is entirely up to you. I have found the collar to be the perfect accessory to revamp simple black dresses and sweaters. I have  been slipping printed shirts with classic collars beneath round necked jumper dresses, woollen sleevless dresses and v-neck sweaters. The classic shirt collar and the likes of the long pointed style collar, like Rihanna wore beneath her Alexander McQueen dress on the  X Factor UK 2011, can appear serious and buttoned up if not careful. However, Rihanna’s collar worked because of its complete unpredictability and frivolity.

The key to implimenting the new collar trend into an ensemble that  leans itself more towards fashion savvy as opposed to formal work wear,  is to keep it quirky and unpredictable –  particularly when donning the classic shirt collar.

Coveted Collars

Louis Vuitton Peter Pan Collar - Louis Vuitton Winter 2011 Collection

Louis Vuitton Peter Pan Collar - Louis Vuitton Winter 2011 Collection

Louis Vuitton Gold Collar

Louis Vuitton Gold Collar - The perfect accessory this seasonRihanna X Factor UK 2011 wearing Alexander McQueen Dress accessorised with shirt collar

Embellished simple shirt collar

Accessorised Sweater and Denim shirt collar

Louis Vuitton Autumn Winter 2011 CollectionA Collection of Collars

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Gucci Spring Summer Collection 2012

Never has the drop waist dress looked so fabulous…

Gucci SS 2012

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When people who work in fashion ask me who my favourite fashion designer is, I always say Balmain or Azzedine Alaia, however, the truth is it’s Gucci. It always has been and as long as the likes of Tom Ford and Frida Giannini are behind the design it probably always will be. I say Balmain because Gucci sounds so cliche. There was a time when everybody and their neighbour owned a Gucci wallet, Gucci trainers or a Gucci bucket bag and I should know because I happen to own all three, so I say Balmain to sound a little bit more fashion savvy.

I hold Gucci very dear to my heart, it has sentimental value. My first pair of designer shoes and my first designer handbag were Gucci. Gucci made me fall in love with high fashion and since this love affair began a Gucci collection has never failed to have my heart beat racing and always inspires my wardrobe choices. The Spring Summer 2012 Gucci collection is especially special to me as it is clearly inspired by my absolute favourite era, the Roaring Twenties.

Nicole Phelps at mentions The Great Gatsby in her Gucci catwalk report, which naturally excites me even more so. The collection features a gorgeous new take on drop waist dresses that literally make me want to go back in time to live that infamous Jack Clayton Great Gatsby party scene, dressed in one of those mirror embroidered drop waist dresses. Amidst the shimmering dresses are a myriad of statement jackets, some with frog latches, some with art deco prints and others inspired by equestrian dress. The collection is a stunning, typically Gucci glamorous and powerful one that will definitely inspire the wardrobes of those of us who work hard but like to party even harder.


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Victoria Beckham a/w 2011-12 – A Stylish Journey

From Posh, to Wag, Fashion Icon to Respected Fashion Designer…This is undeniably a very stylish journey…

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 Victoria Beckham Collection autumn/winter 2011-12

It was seven years ago that I employed Victoria Beckham as my fashion icon, during the epoch when she championed the trucker hat, baggy jeans and timberland boots ensembles. At the time I was, ashamedly, an avid consumer of OK! magazine. The publication fitted in well with my major consumption of trash culture and my distinct desire to live my life like a celebrity. In my defense, I was nineteen years old, in the early stages of my university studies and had almost no self awareness. I would pull all the pages that featured Victoria Beckham from the magazines and use them as inspiration for my own dress. Her style evolved and I emulated it; I journeyed with her in the Frye Campus boots and denim shorts, the Rock and Republic bootleg jeans worn with men’s leather belts, sandals, camisole tops and sunglasses outfits, to the dVb skinny jeans that sat perfectly over the almond toe platform YSL Laurent court shoes or the Christian Louboutins, often put together with long line vests or t-shirts that either fell off the shoulder or were part tucked into the jean’s waist band.

Jeans, court shoe and t-shirt ensemble

This was the look she was donning around the time the revised print of ‘That Extra Half an Inch’ was released – which still sits proudly in my book shelf, with pages indexed and my notes written in the back and the last VB look I would ever emulate entirely. Victoria’s style transformed once again, at moments oversexed in thigh high fetishistic boots, bodices with no lower garment and tiny dresses or she was demure, but sexy, in knee length skin tight pencil dresses and skirts. She accessorised her attire with Hermes Birkins and Croc Kelly’s and wore shoes that rendered a woman a cripple.

It was at this juncture I realised the relationship I once had with Victoria Beckham’s style had to come to an end.  I was at the end of my academic career and at the beginning of defining myself as an adult, being functional at this part of my life was absolute paramount.  I couldn’t wear those shoes running for a train in the morning, I couldn’t ‘mind the gap between the train and the platform’ with those pencil skirts that bounded your legs together at the knees and I don’t think I could ever justify purchasing a handbag that costs more money than my car, let alone afford one.

Nevertheless, my affection towards Victoria Beckham’s style has never dissipated. I continue to follow her career, to purchase all the magazine covers she features on and every now and again I Google her attire. I suppose, with my twenty seven years under my belt, a developing self awareness and a deep desire to understand life and the human condition, it is no longer my concern to emulate someone else’s style, but to understand how one’s style is formed and affected by internal and external occurrences.

In Victoria’s interview with Avril Mair in the Elle Collector’s magazine it’s apparent that her style has been influenced by her age, her lifestyle and her self confidence. These elements are likely to have an impact on most people’s style, however, style still manifest differently for each individual. When I realised I could no longer emulate Victoria Beckham I began to explore fashion beyond the OK! magazines. I studied the designers Victoria was associated with, Dolce and Gabbana, Azzedine Alaia, Marc Jacobs, Roland Mouret and I began a journey that was inspired by Victoria, that would eventually form my own style.

Victoria Beckham not only defined my love affair with fashion, but her approach to style lead me to discover my own. She inspired a journey that exposed me to the work and creative processes of wonderful designers and gave me the tools to discover what works for me. Picking, choosing and refusing what works for me and what doesn’t, whether it’s on the catwalk or not, whether she wears it or not. I suppose this is the self confidence she mentions in her interview, the same self confidence that has driven a magnificent fashion career and yet another impeccable a/w collection.

Read Avril Mair’s interview with Victoria Beckham in the Elle Collections magazine a/w 2011

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Dolce and Gabbana Catwalk Report: Sicilianita’

It is impossible to speak with the Sicilian artist about their work without them slip into a profound nostalgia of their land and its spirit in their creations. Their devotion is thrilling, poignant and undeniably powerful, all the core ingredients that created Dolce and Gabbana’s collection this season.

The two Italians managed to communicate an affectionate homage to Sicily and the fashion house’s core essence by creating classic Dolce and Gabbana; perfect tailoring and seductive femininity. The show was entitled ‘Sicilianita’, translating Sicilian-ness, the quintessence of Sicily.

Amidst the minimal chic humdrum, it had seemed that the woman had been robbed of her real meaning. Thankfully, Dolce and Gabbana served up a beautiful myriad of dresses, made from Sicilian lace, velvet and satin that brought sexy back. The dresses were breathtaking to the eye, made from materials that were sumptuous to the touch.  Knee length fitted leopard print and polka dotted dresses, form fitting and to the knee were extraordinary.  Underwear as outerwear appeared in an array of sensuous 1950’s inspired body suits. Bustiers and French knickers peaked out beneath tailored jackets and caramel coloured corsets were decorated with contrasting black lace. The theme here was not minimal, but intense and dreamy, just as rich and alluring as Italian ice cream.

There was a constant dance between logic and emotion, romance and reality. Whether the Dolce and Gabbana woman wore the classic tailored short suit, or played on the under wear as outer wear, in feminine lace and sheer materials, there was a sense of the strong Sicilian woman in every ensemble.

The Italian Sicilian duo redefined and distinguished, with total clarity all that is exquisite about the continent, the island and the woman. It was an assemblage that set apart the Dolce and Gabbana woman from any other woman this season and presented her with what it truly means to be a woman’s woman; sexy, sensuous, classy and elegant.

The collection kept its strength, it remained Sicilian, it remained classic and extremely ‘sexy woman.’ If there was ever a moment for the Sicilian to be proud, now would be as good as any.

With Miss Campbell taking respite from her diamond debacle on the island, Sicily is only seconds away from becoming the next destination a la moda.

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