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‘I Love You’ Victoria’s Secrets Valentine’s Day 2013!

Oh Victoria’s Secrets, Oh Angels and indeed, Oh Candice Swanepoel!

 (It might be a little bit late,  but this is a post that couldn’t be missed on Charms of a Dandizette and better late than never…)

Barbara Palvin, Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss and Candice Swanepoel showcased the 2013 Victoria’s Secrets Valentine’s collection. There is no better way to say I Love You on Valentine’s Day than with some very pretty, very pink  and very perfect Victoria’s Secret lingerie from the Valentine’s collection – even if you purchase it for yourself!

Admittedly, all the Victoria’s Secrets underwear I own has been purchased by me for me…, but who says there’s anything wrong with whispering to yourself every now and again, ‘ I love me too.’

Happy belated Valentine’s Day Dandies…sorry it’s soooo late…xx

Candice Swanepoel - Victoria's Secrets

Candace Swanepoel for Victoria Secrets Valentine’s 2013


Candace Swanepoel – Victoria’s Secrets Valentine’s 2013


Barbara Palvin Victoria’s Secrets – Valentine’s Day 2013


Candice Swanepoel – Victorias Secret Valentines Day 2013


Candace Swanepoel – Victoria’s Secrets Valentine’s 2013


Karlie Kloss Victoria’s Secrets – Valentine’s 2013

Valentines Day 2013 Candice Swanepoel Dream Angels Demi Victorias Secret

Valentines Day 2013 Candice Swanepoel – Dream Angels Demi Victorias Secret

Victorias Secret Lingerie January 2013-352

Candice Swanepoel – Victorias Secret Valentine’s 2013

Be charmed, stay inspired! x


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The Sweatshirt and the Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt!

Trending #Sweatshirts

It was winter last year that the grey sweatshirt became one of the key wardrobe items to for super savvy street style dressing. The sporty garment, a staple for the gym, once taken out of its context and paired with skinny jeans and strappy sandals or a tailored pair of trousers and brogues seemed risque and innovative. Although it would appear, as seen in these photographs taken by Tommy Ton, that the reign of the sweatshirt sill very much resides this winter 2012-13, we have become so accustomed to the sweatshirt trend, that for super savvy-ness and ultimate fashion manipulation we can no longer play it safe by simply nodding towards the sporty trend with the initial grey sweatshirt. This norm has been accepted and it’s time to innovate once again and push the boundaries. Now the expert sweatshirt wearer creates a more stylised sweatshirt ensemble or selects a more statement making sweatshirt.

Those of you that have adopted the new approach to dress that Vogue has coined ‘Haute Casual’ for your winter wardrobe may have coveted the utmost seasoned sweatshirt wearers donning the, albeit conspicuous, admittedly cool Kenzo Tiger sweater. This Kenzo sweatshirt has indeed become the queen of this evolving sweatshirt trend and will buy you plenty of street style kudos in this fashion jungle. So much so that all 2,000 Kenzo tiger sweaters sold out in just two days and in a matter of hours at the Parisian Kenzo store earlier this year. This sweatshirt literally does all the talking, so you don’t have to do too much to look super stylish in it, no matter its sporty nature. Having said that, in my humble fashion books, the most street style kudos clearly comes from how creative you can get with incorporating this practical and functional sportswear item into a trendy chic ensemble.

Admittedly, as much as I adore the creativity and unpredictability of this new sweatshirt glamour, I am yet to invest in a sweatshirt myself. Habitually, in the winter months I take on a more Olivia Palermo/Victoria Beckham perfectly preened and neat image, seeking more inspiration from runway looks as opposed to street style. Unfortunately the sweatshirt creates a couple of concerns for me; firstly, with such a casual garment I would be very keen to wear a shirt beneath it that can smarten the round neck with a nice collar – this I can imagine would leave me feeling very hot, especially when I am commuting. Secondly, I wear a lot of slim lined coats, which I doubt a sweatshirt and shirt ensemble wouldn’t fit beneath comfortably. Thirdly, I fear that wearing the sweatshirt beneath a cape or the voluminous coats we have seen at the likes of Celine a/w 2012-13 can make me appear particularly top heavy and again, leave me feeling extremely hot.

However, for those of you that are tiny, whose commute does not involve power walking or taking the London Underground, that acclimatise to temperatures quickly, if you are thinking of trying out this new Haute Couture sweatshirt ensemble don’t let my sweatshirt concerns stop you. Opt for placing statement jewellery around the neckline, juxtaposing the sporty garment with a tailored shirt collar or pairing the sweatshirt with a glamorous skirt, evening clutch or an elegant shoe. The key is to play that push and pull game between conformist and alternative, formal against disorderly. And hey, if you can nail this look and are prepared to invest, why not go the whole hog and purchase the highly coveted tiger Kenzo sweater?!

I don’t think this sweatshirt trend is one that will stick with me for long, so I’ll definitely be giving the Kenzo tiger sweatshirt a miss. However, I am keen to try out the trend and am currently on the hunt for a grey Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, that I’ll wear with a white shirt, black skinny jeans and a pair of black pointed court shoes and statement necklace. So, I am still playing it safe with the colour, but with Mickey Mouse emblazoned on the front, it’s still a little quirky and most importantly, easy on my bank balance. Having said that, should someone wish to purchase the Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt for me as a gift, I most certainly won’t say no!

Grey sweatshirt ensemble

Black Neoprene Sweatshirt ensembles

Kenzo Sweatshirt

Anna dello Russo with grey sweatshirt dress

grey floral sweatshirt

Pink Letterman Sweatshirt

Black sweatshirt

Pink sweatshirt with blue peplum skirt

blue, red and grey sweatshirt

Green Kenzo SweatshirtBe charmed, stay inspired! x


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Inspired by: YSL and Le Jardin Majorelle

Yves Saint Laurent and Le Jardin Majorelle

Set right in the heart of this Moroccan city is an aperture where a secret garden lives and breathes. Painted azure blue walls and pillars are luminous, peering between the greenness of vegetation, the greenness of a giant pond where lily pads float heavenly and evoke a sense of serenity and calm. The only threat posed in Le Jardin Majorelle, if any, is the frightful size of the immense cactus needles.

Yves Saint Laurentand Pierre Berge, once Yves’ partner, friend, business partner and co-founder of the Yves Saint Laurent Couture House, purchased and restored the Jardin Majorelle in 1980. The land was initially acquired by french painter Jacques Majorelle, who settled in Morocco and opened up the garden to the public in 1947. Jacques Majorelle was in an unfortunate car accident which led to him returning back to France. The garden grew unkempt and overgrown, however Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge began a long process which would nurture it back to life.

The designer asked that he have his ashes scattered at Le Jardin Majorelle on his passing. Yves passed on the 6th June 2008 and as requested his ashes reside in Le Jardin Majorelle. After visiting the garden, I can understand why the designer loved it so much.

Yves Saint Laurent and the Love Post Cards

I am particularly aware of how long  it’s been since I’ve written anything particularly fashion concerned, so I thought it would be best to begin the recollection of my holiday in Marrakech with photos of the Jardin Majorelle…Fashionistas might refer to this magnificent garden as the Yves Saint Laurent memorial gardens.

Admittedly I was completely ignorant to this garden and its connection to the fashion designer whom I personally adore  for his championing of the sultry Le Smoking tuxedo jacket for women in the sixties and his androgynous designs.

My sister, an illustrator, and I felt as though we had stumbled upon a treasure hidden in the thick of towering cacti of the Jardin Majorelle when we found the significant collection of Love post cards illustrated by Yves Saint Laurent himself being showcased right here in the gardens!

What followed was a frenzy of both of us trying to take as many photos as possible of the illustrated posters. Unfortunately I had left my trusty bridge camera back home in London so I was very much dependent on my iPhone for picture taking.

Yves Saint Laurent would send his personally illustrated Love post cards out to his close friends and clients of the fashion house every year as a New Years greeting.

A small shop just opposite where the Yves Saint Laurent post cards are showcased sells copies of the cards for you to purchase, amongst some great YSL coffee table books and magazines featuring the designer. I purchased two of the Love post cards for my fashion illustration feature wall which I have been building on for the past year or so. Once the post cards are framed I will proudly add them to my wall!

Here’s to spreading the love at Le Jardin Majorelle…

More Marrakech photos on the way…

Be charmed Stay Inspired! x

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Made For Rihanna – Miuccia Prada Red Hot Flame Heels!

We’re all very accustomed to seeing the Made In Italy tag on an item of clothing as a seal of quality, or at least we were before Primark. But how about receiving a pair of shoes Made in Italy, made especially for you?

Unfortunately I am not lucky enough to share with you how this might feel. Rihanna, on the other hand, can tell you exactly how this feels – in fact she did, via twitter to all of her 15,666, 319 followers. And no, the R on the sole of the shoe does not stand for ‘Right Shoe’.

Miuccia Prada, or at least the fashion houses’ communication department, sent Rihanna her very own personalised pair of Prada‘s spring summer 2012’s Red Hot Flame heels. I suppose the shoes are particularly appropriate for the hottest artist on the globe right now. And no doubt, now that Rihanna has tweeted, and tweeters have retweeted and bloggers have blogged, these shoes will be just as hot off the shelves as their name!

It’s all about Rhi-rhi!

But can I have a pair please?

Rihanna's Red Hot Flame Heels

Prada Red Hot Flame Heels Made for Rihanna

Prada Red Hot Flame Heels Made for Rihanna

Prada Red Hot Flame Heels

Be charmed, stay inspired! x


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YSL ss2012 Ad Campaign:More Springtime Bling

Desperately looking forward to spring I thought I’d lighten up this wet and rainy weekend and share with you a little more spring time bling. Maria Carla Boscono is the face of Yves Saint Laurent‘s Spring Summer 2012 ad campaign, shot by David Sims. I’m loving the black and gold accessories in this ad campaign. The black sling back court shoe with the gold capped toe is absolutely heavenly.

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L’Odyssee de Cartier – Cartier Commercial

Cartier…Connoisseurs of class…

Allow your eyes to wonder into the world of Cartier, captured by director Bruno Aveillan.

I think the words that instantly come to mind are enchanting and beautifully haunting.

What a masterpiece.

Be Charmed, Stay Inspired x

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Spring Bling – Gucci’s Spring Summer 2012 ad Campaign

Gucci is yet another fashion house that joins the blinging spring summer ad campaign trend!

True to form, Gucci remains sleek, sharp and sultry…but most importantly, shiny. There truly is something aestheitcally pleasing about cold polished gold against black…gold buttons on black coats, gold hardware on black leather bags, a gold tie clip slipped across a black tie clip… It’s classic, simplistic, instantly glamorous and looks expensive, the perfect boxes to tick if ever in doubt.

Gucci’s spring summer 2012 ad campaign features Abbey Lee Kershaw, Karmen Pedaru and Greg Nawrat, shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.

Gucci-Spring-Summer-2012 ad campaign shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott
Gucci-Spring-Summer-2012 ad campaign featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw, Karmen Pedaru and Greg Nawrat

Gucci spring summer 2012 ad campaign

Gucci Spring Summer 2012 ad campaign

Love Gucci, love black and gold!

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