Come Sit With Us

Come Sit With Us – A Full Length Play written by Ayesha Charles

‘Are you in an unfortunate situation, has life dealt you a bad hand, has the unexpected occurred, are you sociable, inspirational or inspirable? If you are any of these, please…COME SIT WITH US.’

Come Sit With Us is a place where a group of very different people come together to share their lives, dreams and struggles, escaping from London and retreating to this tiny centre, which solely offers the ability to share ones existence.

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Jo; an optimist trying to build her happiness, reunite with her estranged mother and find a place in a world where she fights against the silent belief that she doesn’t belong.

Carmen; an  escort, who initially appears to be the strongest and most clued up member of the group, but would appear to be running from the confines of her country and the reins of a man operating too much control over her life.

Armani/Zara; A young woman who doesn’t say much and hides herself beneath weaves,  blue contact lenses and materials. She’s treated badly by the men in her life – this could ultimately be the result of her exterior and the crime we find out she has committed at the end of the play.

Dean -The protagonist; A young man who seems to have the world on his shoulders and still manages to take on more. The superglue of his family, the voice of reason for the group, a deep thinker with a bruised soul that, regardless of his hard life and tough exterior, continues to be a dreamer. Although Dean hasn’t figured out how to break free from his ghetto, or understood what his dreams are, he has a belief that he deserves better. He’s waiting for a quiet moment in his chaotic life where he can take the time to figure it all out.


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