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Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014 Presentation

How ironic, the fashion houses are unveiling their Spring Summer 2014 collections to the world, whilst here in London we’re still waiting for Summer 2013 and consequently our Spring Summer 2013 wardrobes! Clearly I’m not bitter. Stella McCartney invited the gliteratti to view her SS 2014 collection at West 10th Street New York City in the setting of a garden party. On the guest list was Cameron Diaz glowing in white, massive fashion salute to her for wearing white in the rain, Madonna who seemed to have taken inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Bosworth, Julian Moore, Liv Tyler and many more.STELLA

Stella McCartney, Cameron Diaz, Julian Moore, Liv Tyler at Stella McCartney's spring summer 2014 presentation

Madonna, Steve Tyler, Stella McCartney

STELLA McCartney accessories

The models wearing Stella McCartney SS2014

The models wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Stella McCartney, Kate Bosworth and Helena Christensen at Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014 presentation

The poison

The models wearing Stella McCartney spring summer 2014

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

The illustrator

Model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Stella McCartney with Julian Moore Spring Summer 2014 presentation

The models wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

model wearing Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2014

Anna Wintour and Stell McCartney

Be charmed, stay inspired! x

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Redefining A Love Affair with Dresses and Statement Separates

Leather shorts

Source: Ayesha on Pinterest

So, first of all I should probably start by saying Happy New Year to you all! So, ‘ Happy New Year’. I hope you all celebrated in style, adorned in your very best. I personally had a small panic attack selecting the perfect dress to make a first impression on 2013. Because I have spent much of my Christmas holidays writing my novel, I’ve had very little time to shop, so thought New Year’s Eve would be the perfect opportunity to don one of the many loved and forgotten dresses that hang patiently in my wardrobe awaiting their outing. After my said panic attack I opted for a Holly Fulton for ASOS black and yellow shift dress I bought a year and a half ago – which, in hindsight, is probably one of the most unique and expensive dresses in my wardrobe and pretty fitting for the occasion. But this dress was selected under the strict instructions of my ever changing body.

It was about the time when everyone was watching The Hills, and I was not only obsessed with my weight, but very much in control of it and a very happy size eight, when Heidi asked Lauren Conrad, ‘Have you been working out a lot?’ and Conrad responded with something along the lines of, ‘No, I just wear dresses’. Immediately I scribbled into the notes section of  my That Extra Half an Inch by Victoria Beckham, ‘wear dresses to look skinnier’, this new fashion tip was added to the bottom of my never ending list of how to dress myself skinny. It doesn’t take Karl Lagerfeld to know that black is slimming, so with this in mind and in the light of my newly acquired Lauren Conrad fashion tip I bought myself six black dresses from ASOS all in one pop – it was 2007, my partner was living in Sicily and I was partying frequently. These six little black dresses was merely just the beginning of a frenzied episode in my life where I purchased nothing but black dresses. They were draped or backless, prom or puffball, bat winged or off the shoulder, short or even shorter. I partied attired in black dresses for four years – never wearing the same twice out to a big night out and if so, rarely was it documented on Facebook.

The black dress was my thing, at least I thought so at the time. Occasionally I’d worry whether I had gotten too predictable – friends used to comment that I always wore black dresses, but I was convinced that this was my style and that I was very lucky to have found one – a style that is. I suppose the colour black in itself, although slimming, refined, classic and elegant, can also be associated with being boring, safe, Gothic and worst of all – death. So, one summer I made a conscious effort to invest in a whole array of poptastic brightly coloured dresses in canary yellows, warm corals, floral, striking oranges, emerald greens and a rainbow of prints – even though I love a black dress on a summer evening. So, albeit my effort to rid myself of the black dress, I had moved away from black, but was still very much wearing dresses. I wore dresses to mark occasions, I wore dresses to look glamorous and mostly I wore dresses to feel dressed up – because surely only a dress can do all of these things in good and proper form without each and every time.

After a 2011/12 winter spent dressed in a variety of black midi dresses, by summer 2012 my affair with dresses died officially died. It was around the time that I had split up with my partner – a Sicilian man ten years older than me, a workaholic, very rarely seen without donning Cartier shirts and Hugo Boss suits, who has the utmost appreciation for formal dress. My black dress fitted into all occasions suitably and complimented his formal attire. However, when we split up I began hanging around in Peckham, a setting more art chic than and far more quirky than what my wardrobe was used to. The affair ended also about the time that I started using Pinterest ardently, pinning street fashion photographs by Tommy Ton, admiring the manipulation of garments and  the styling of an ensemble and falling completely head over heels in love with Olivia Palermo’s ability to dress. Magazines were featuring articles that celebrated statement separates as opposed to the statement dress and suddenly the black dress felt so irrelevant. It felt boring.

I wanted to be more interactive and involved with the way I was dressing – I wanted a challenge. I started with skirts and lots and lots of tops in different materials, cuts and colours. I had emerged from the Victoria Beckham-esque dress and was completely inspired by Olivia Palermo and the thought she put into creating one ensemble. It involved the pairing together and experimenting with colours, fabrics, silhouettes, mis-matching, prints, layering, accessorising and most importantly, being brave enough to be totally unpredictable. I had opened up a whole new approach to fashion, which very quickly managed to empty my bank account and burst my wardrobes. I was enjoying a more youthful approach and it wasn’t about being classic or timeless – it was about being fun. My skirts rose from midi-length to short and I purchased a selection of shorts, short shorts, in wool and twill, leather and silk. It was a very special moment when I purchased myself a pair of denim Topshop shorts! I’ve worn them three times now and each and every time I do I have to mentally coax myself into doing so.  Denim shorts have always been my biggest fashion no-no for anyone above the age of twenty four and four years senior, I am prancing around Garage raves adorned  in denim shorts. Oh the irony!

So, after the best part of a year piecing together separates and implementing my new unpredictability styling technique, I was especially looking forward to being plain old and predictably glamorous -stunning dress, skyscraper heels and a clutch bag. The art deco style Holly Fulton dress I ended up wearing on New Years Eve went up against a red peplum dress inspired by Lanvin’s peplum, frilled sleeve dress from the Lanvin Spring Summer 2010 collection and a black midi dress with a sheer decolletage embellished with polka dots inspired by the remarkable  dresses from Stella McCartney’s autumn winter 2011 collection – you know the ones that took the world by storm. Ultimately, I was most excited about wearing the red dress – I hadn’t worn it in at least two years –  it’s hot, it’s sultry, it’s powerful and when I previously wore it to Kensington Roof Gardens the compliments were endless. Let’s just say this dress makes me feel special. Or, more aptly, made me feel special. When I modelled my very special red dress in the mirror yesterday afternoon, during what I like to call my ‘dress rehearsal’ or what my partner calls ‘Ayesha’s catwalk’ I was getting ready to look and feel the most dressed up and glamorous I had felt all year – all for my first meeting with 2013.

However, I quickly realised that the ‘wear dresses to look skinnier’ style tip that I had been swearing by for the past four or five years no longer applied. The very garment that I have always gone to to make me feel protected and safe, glamorous and womanly, refined and special no longer made me feel either of the above. To put the realisation into context, imagine really looking forward to wearing your favourite pair of jeans that you haven’t worn for a while, you know the pair that suck you in, lengthen your legs and go perfect with your favourite pair of boots or stilettos, only to realise they no longer fit or are no longer flattering. Neither my Lanvin or my Stella McCartney inspired dresses, or any of the dresses in my wardrobe for that matter, could hide the fact that in my new found youthful approach to dress, I had also been eating like I had  metabolism to match. The dresses clearly displayed the pounds that I have piled on over the months and have been covering up beneath my statement separates without even knowing it.

 As much as I have enjoyed piecing together separates, and as much as this has become my new go to look, the irony of fashion would have it that I am now eager to look and feel just as confident   being refined and glamorous in my dresses as I feel confident being fashionable and stylish in separates. Fashion isn’t all about dressing ourselves skinny, it’s mainly about feeling good in our clothes. On the other hand, life is about balance and you can get too much of one thing; whether it’s junk food, partying, work or even black dresses. The black dress and the denim shorts are indeed metaphors for the two extremes of my personality and my approach to life. My desire to now find balance in my life between the two extremes and redefine my affair with dresses may be enthused by the rekindling of my relationship with my partner. Of course I am not about to let go of all that I discovered in the four months I was single and I am not going to take away from the great moments that I had playing around in my denim shorts, but I cannot deny my affection  for the black dress, the respect it commands with its elegance and refinement and how powerful, yet safe and protected it makes me feel. With some balance implemented into my life, less junk food consumed, less nights spent partying and a lot more time exercising I’ll get excited about wearing the black dress as a means to show off as opposed to covering up, because let’s face it, there’s no fun in dressing up if it’s just to hide lumps and bumps anyway!

So, to all of us planning to shed those extra Christmas pounds, working to fit into a favourite pair of jeans, trying to tone up to look stunning in the perfect party dress and whatever less fashion concerned ambitions we might have for the coming year – here’s to embracing a challenge and never losing sight of our goals for 2013!

Of course, till the pounds are shed – I’ll still be opting for the stylishly fashionable in street chic separates.

Olivia Palermo style
Olivia Palermo style
Olivia Palermo style


Source: Ayesha onPinterest

Olivia Palermo style
Olivia Palermo style

Source:  via Ayesha on Pinterest


Hope you all spend your happy New Year feeling your utmost fabulous!

Be charmed, stay inspired. x

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#Trending – Pastels and Peplums

My first Polyvore set

Stella McCartney peplum top
$525 – net-a-porter.com

H m jacket
£25 – hm.com

Nobody jeans
£175 – farfetch.com

Studded shoes
$56 – topshop.com

As much as I’m loving the new pastels and poptastic coloured skinny jeans, there must be strategy applied when wearing – particularly for those of us that aren’t fortunate enough to adorn ourselves without thinking about our body shape.

I have recently developed hips and an ass, because I am not so keen on looking bootylicious, the brightest colour I will ever wear will always be on my top half. This isn’t to say that those with curves can’t sport the bright colour skinny jeans trend that’s going to be all the rage once spring actually kicks in. But I would make sure the colour of the jeans are stark and without any fading, distressing or anything that causes the eye to focus on the hips or upper thigh, ie zips or studs (usually the largest part of the leg). I have chosen this cobalt blue as opposed to a paler blue to make the legs look thinner. The peplum is perfect to draw attention to the waist, whilst the pop pink jacket completes the whole colour blocking trend.

I am a particular fan of the peplum, for its ability to hide and accentuate, but also because they just look so great. The magazines seem to be documenting the peplum as a work wardrobe essential, but I beg to differ. The way I’ve incorporated this Stella McCartney peplum top in jersey is a nice way to wear the peplum casually.

I am so getting that pink H and M jacket!

Be charmed, stay inspired! x

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Oh to be in Fashion…An Ode to the Sheer Black Black Dress

…and just sheer black…

Admittedly, those of us that not only follow fashion, but enjoy documenting it by fashioning our bodies with adornment that demonstrates our understanding and ability to keep up with the trends, take a self indulgent pleasure when something, someone or some item confirms our fashion savvy-ness. Admit it! We love it! Moments have occurred pretty frequently for me of recently.

Naturally I am going to down play my self praise and my excitement for such moments, because that’s the tasteful thing to do. But I was particularly excited when I saw that the peplum was making a huge comeback this season…before I had even been aware of such a trend I had purchased myself a wonderful black peplum pencil skirt from Zara, in fact I wore it to my Christmas party.

I take pleasure in watching Zoey Deschanel singing and prancing around like a crazy person in the opening sequence of New Girl in a red skater dress that looks as though it is also from Zara and if so, is also another dress that I happen to own. Granted, I was inspired to purchase this dress when I saw Frankie from the Saturday’s sporting it. Unfortunately I can now no longer wear the dress. It seems the whole world and his wife also clocked on to how fabulous and easy to wear that dress was and also went and purchased it (indeed, the irony of fashion).

I was also particularly excited when I saw both Holly, Fearne and Christina Ricci dressed in black sheer dresses with red lips on the Jonathon Ross show recently. God bless the black sheer dress and red lipstick! Black on black on black to me is a playground of sexual obscurity! Now you see me now you don’t! Can you really see what you think you can see? Black velvet embellishments on black lace combined with solid black, a black sheer shirt with a black bra tucked into a black waxed lace skirt. A sheer black body suit with sheer long sleeves and a black net insert to the navel worn with a black long sheer skirt over a solid black mini….I needn’t go on.

So here’s to my favourite trend of a/w, that has set me back a significant number GBPs, but has allowed me to be so in fashion this winter…The Sheer Black Dress…so dolce vita, so Dolce and Gabbanna of Stella McCartney and just so Dolce and Gabbanna. Never underestimate the black dress, just overlay it with sensuous and sultry fabrics – if you have to!


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The Fashion Paradox:Fashion Cycle

A major part of going out for a night on the town is the dressing up and being appreciated for our adornment – that’s exactly why we do it. There’s no gratitude in dressing up without an appreciative eye to witness our efforts. It’s like wearing an Azzedine Alaia dress where nobody even knows who he is, let alone recognises one of his designs. Vain and self important? Most definitely so; dressing up is part of a process, a self fulfilling prophecy that requires us, once taken pride in decorating ourselves, the need to be seen and appreciated in order to complete the full circle of ‘enjoying’ dressing up. When women meet with friends on nights out, don’t we spend at least the first fifteen minutes together discussing what we are wearing? And new purchases or garments our friends haven’t seen us in before tend to be appreciated more, no matter how much they loved the last cocktail dress we wore. Let’s be honest, without a doubt we feel great in something new, after all, fashion works on a cycle that won’t promise the two thousand pound Stella McCartney thigh high boots you invested in last season will be on the catwalk winter 2010/11, but will assure you change and newness will absolutely be a key trend. So, because we love dressing up and the feeling of wearing a new dress being so addictive and ironically priceless, the dresses bought last year that we adored, spend most of their time in the wardrobe and our money spends most of its time flying out of our purses, trying to catch up with fashion. It’s almost as stupid as a dog chasing its tail. And like that bad boyfriend, we never stop chasing; the capricious and fickle nature makes it exhilarating and indulgently satisfying – for a moment.

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Vagina Boots – The ‘V’ Word in Boot Camp

All hail this season’s supreme and essential boot for the winter rain or feline predator, coined the V boot by fashion bloggers, the V indeed refers to the woman’s genitalia. Could the vagina be any more à la mode?

Propped on the top of perforated, studded, patterned, matt faux or real leather, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci models strutted down the runway with their legs wrapped in black, oil slick leather climbing way up their legs. Over the knee boots are so last season, winter 2009 the new boot is Vagina high and proud. With our second Christmas in the recession, 7.8% of the work force unemployed and no prediction of employment increasing anytime soon, the nation’s strength and confidence is vulnerable. Designers kick the recession in the teeth with these strategically powerful boots, although the Gucci V boot is priced at £1560 these boots will definitely pay for themselves – over and over again.
Last year the high streets saw a surge of flat over the knee boots, it was protocol on Oxford Street to do your Christmas shopping donning these, at that moment markedly long boots. But as if that boot wasn’t ferocious enough, the V boot has upped the ante; the heel significantly higher, the leather tighter and the boot longer. Dress would have it that the more flesh the woman reveals the more sexual she appears, this would suggest the more she covers up the more modestly dressed she is. Strangely, this rule doesn’t seem to apply when women adorn their pins in boots – women’s boots hit the top of the sexual radar the closer they edge to the Vagina. Let’s be fair, this boot personifies sex, they’re definitely not for the faint hearted or coy. The V boot is for the woman who has no qualms displaying female sexual power.
Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, perhaps the most influential of the dress and music world today have already been seen executing sexy moves in the V boot. The masses may not have submitted themselves to the sexual prowess of this boot just yet, but it’s not a long time coming. There’s always a distinctive ripple in the fashion ocean when a certain Spice Girl is papped wearing a catwalk key item and like clockwork Victoria Beckham, dressed for a night on the town replaced her uniform YSL court shoes for a pair of the towering boots.Unafraid of the force of these boots, Topshop, Aldo and Asos have taken them from the catwalk and bought them to the high street. The uptake appears to be slow, maybe these epic boots don’t belong on the streets for the average woman, but in the wardrobe of Trinity from Matrix or in the bedroom of a dominatrix herself.
However, the only accessory needed this season is the confidence to be overtly sexy. Commanding? The V boot most certainly is, but designers have it that sexy no longer discredits sophistication. This winter is a special one where women can be sexy, classy and most importantly empowered – employed or not.


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